The PLATINUM structure

STRUCTURE 08-май-2020, 22:50 541

You need to invest 1,150 Ouro coins, after which 1,000 coins remain in your personal wallet, and 150 coins are distributed through the partner program.

After paying the commission of 150 coins, the user receives a new wallet from the Ouro Club, already connected to the system (you do not need to wait for someone to connect you and connect someone, all the routine work is done by the Club, you only need to change the login and activate two-factor authentication). Also, the PLATINUM status gets the opportunity to invest in the Club pool at 0.64% per day.

Information about the PLATINUM structure:

The initial wallet balance: 1 000 Ouro

Average daily yield: 0.3327%

30-day yield: 9.9815%

Balance after 30 days: 1 099.82 Ouro

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