How does the Ouroboros system work?

MAIN 09-May-2020, 23:21 1 091

How does the Ouroboros system work? How can I get the maximum pos mining percentage?

The Ouroboros cryptocurrency is a unique system that is created for people and is aimed at social interaction with each other.

Passive mining of Ouro coins (POS mining)

If you add at least one coin to your Ouroboros wallet, the cryptocurrency mining process starts automatically, the percentage of which depends on several factors.

1. The number of coins in your wallet

2. The number of coins in the wallets of your followers (if you want, referrals), all the coins in the chain are counted (we call them a snake) up to 100 people.

3. A nice feature for people who like to invest in "long-term" is an additional coefficient that depends on the shelf life of coins without transactions (only outgoing transactions are counted; if you replenish your wallet or reinvest, the counter continues to work!)

As you can see, by joining the club, you can invest at a higher rate. If you are interested in this, but you don't have a lot of money, you can join the SILVER structure to understand how it works, where the entrance is only 60 coins.

You can view the rest of the structures here. Club works for You!