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The amount of coins issued (mined) depends on the number of the world's population and will be updated annually, based on UN data. For the current 2020 year, the maximum number of Ouro coins that can be mined is 7 billion 750 million. (1 coin for each inhabitant of the planet)
As soon as two million Ouro coins are mined on your wallet, mining will be disabled.
The number of connected wallets can be any, but the structure's balance is counted only from the first 100 wallets.
The maximum possible percentage is about 24% per month, but for this percentage, you must observe three factors that affect the mining coefficient. You can read more about this HERE, or download the Ouro Excel yield calculator
To see how the Ouroboros blockchain works, you need to go to the Explorer: HERE
You can view the full statistics on Ouro coin:HERE
You don't need to invite anyone, the Club connects people independently, but if you invite a person to the structure, you will get some Ouro coins!

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