About the Clab

Ouro.one Club is an open private Club created by professionals, and each participant in it is engaged in exactly the craft that he loves and appreciates in his life. At this stage, we have developed and implemented several products for investment and passive income generation.

1. This is a structure consisting of 5 main branches: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Emerald.

2. Club POOL with a yield of up to 21% per month.

3. Trust management.

4. Affiliate program.

  • we process more than 2500 requests per month
  • 99% of customers are satisfied with the level of service and technical support
  • we independently solve technical problems on the spot
  • we hold training workshops and video conferences

All investment packages are calculated in such a way that the investor can receive maximum benefit based on the amount invested, while the investor himself does not need to look for new participants.This function is fully taken over by the club. For people with an active lifestyle, the club has provided an opportunity to earn money on a multi-level partner program, where up to 70% of the club's profit is paid! Anyone can change their life for the better and find something good for themselves in our team!







History of the Club

Ouro.one Club's birthday is on October 23, 2019. On this day, the concept of the Club was invented and the domain name Ouro.one was registered. At the beginning of November 2019, our information website was launched, covering the Ouro coin and all the latest news related to the coin.

In January 2020, the Club organized several structural branches and gradually began to increase the flow of people into the system. We also created Youtube and VK channels, where you can learn almost everything about the Ouro coin and the Ouroboros project in general.

By the end of March 2020, the Club had organized several investment packages for Club members. We are constantly working on the project coverage, as well as the introduction of modern technologies for process automation and user safety.

Our task

The main task of the Ouro Club is to introduce modern technologies based on blockchain, to create more favorable investment conditions, and organize maximum security of transactions within the project. It is no secret that using primitive methods of exchanging cryptocurrencies through private exchanges or connecting to structures through shared Telegram chats, an investor can face a number of fraudulent schemes and lose his funds. Creating an innovative personal account with a round-the-clock support and the most advanced technologies for passive earnings on the Internet is one of the most important tasks of our Club!

Ouro.one Club works for You!